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The Original Granton Edge - often copied, never duplicated. The greatest accolade of any successful product is that it is copied, and the Granton Edge is the perfect example! The Granton Edge was designed and patented by the Granton Company in 1928 out of England. Since this time almost every knife manufacturer in the world has tried to duplicate the edge and have even tried to use the Granton name to describe their copies. The Granton Edge was designed specifically with the professional user in mind. Each scallop is perfectly spaced and alternates with the one on the other side of the blade. What truly sets a real Granton edge apart is the way each scallop is cut deeply and evenly all the way to the knifes edge. They are not serrated or jagged, and wont tear the product you're cutting, instead creating air cushions which make fast, smooth cuts. Made in Sheffield, England.

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