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Designed by the renowned automobile manufacturer F.A. Porsche, Chroma knives are beautifully crafted to maximize both aesthetic appeal and functional value. Crafted by the hands of Japanese masters who once forged Samurai swords; Chroma Type 301 knives bear the strength and edge retention that is synonymous with Japanese craftsmanship. Chroma knives are the perfect amalgamation of modern design and classic construction. Perfectly suited for professional and home use, Chroma knives are unlike any other.

Chroma is an excellent brand of uniquely styled and highly functional knives. We are discontinuing Chroma at this time to make room for other product lines while we reconfigure our warehouse. We will likely bring them back in the near future, but all knives are in new and pristine condition with full warranty support from Knife Merchant and the manufacturer. Please feel safe in taking advantage of our current, temporary, close-out pricing.
Chroma Type 301 8 Piece Block Set <font color=red>Closeout</font>

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Category: Block Sets
Brand: Chroma