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Nenox uses the highest quality steel available to ensure the absolute best customer experience. As a result of this high quality standard, their products have gained the reputation of having the most durable and sharpest blade on the market. Made of durable materials, the beauty of these knives bring joy to the food preparation experience. Water does not affect the Nenox blade, as they are made using materials that prevent oxidization. In addition, its color is unaffected by ultraviolet (UV) rays. The blades hold a very sharp edge for a long period of time, requiring less care between sharpening. The blades are also designed to prevent foods from sticking while knife is in use.

Nenox Ironwood Series Japanese Knives Nenox Ironwood Series Knives
have replaced the Nenox S1 series (Karin) handles, which have been discontinued by the manufacturer. These elegant handles are of a more dense wood, with a high polish and perfect fit and finish. The steel is a specially treated VG10, stainless steel blade, same as the SD series knives.