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Global Knife, Global Knives, Global Cutlery

Global Knife, Global Knives, Global Cutlery
Global knives were introduced by Yoshida Metal Company in 1983. They are all stainless steel knives of one-piece construction (integrated handle and blade). Each handle is filled and weighted to balance the blade length. Ever since this concept was developed, Global Knives have attracted worldwide attention.

The Cromova 18 steel used in these knives takes a great edge but is not brittle as are many other Japanese steels. This means they are less prone to chipping. The appearance of Global Cutlery is very distinctive and instantly recognizable. Global also offers a very wide range of accessories, including fish turners, fish tweezers and many more. Unlike many other knife brands, Global does not change their styling just for marketing purposes. These knives will be around for many years, so if you lose a knife, you can still get a replacement piece that matches.

Global G Series Knives Global G Series
The classic collection of Global Cutlery that features both standard sized and long blade lengths that would be used for general preparation, such as chef knives, slicers, vegetable knives, and oriental chef knives.
Global GF Series Knives Global GF Series
A classic collection of larger, and heavier knives for general preparation. This range, being more durable for heavy use, is favored by many professional chefs. In Japan the term for the heavier chef knife would be yo-deba.

Global GS Series Knives Global GS Series Knives
A collection of small and medium sized knives, such as paring knives, utility knives, and other specialty small knives that are used for general preparation. The Global GS Series knives have a hollow, weighted handle.
Global GSF Series Knives Global GSF Series Knives
A collection of knives that have small blades and solid handles. This series has a selection of peeling and utility knives, as well as other specialty knives. Perfect for peeling, paring and chopping those smaller food items.

Global Japanese Knife Sets Global Knife Sets
The best way to save significantly when starting a Global Knife Collection or buying as a gift. There are a variety of sets are available, from steak knife sets to 3 piece starter sets to a complete block set.
Global Knife Blocks and Storage Global Knife Storage
The best way to store, protect, and make sure your Global Knife Collection stays sharp with style is to put them in one of Global's Knife Bags, knife blocks, or even on one of Global's stainless steel wall magnetic bars.

Global Knife Fish Tools Global Specialized Tools
Knives aren't the only thing that Global has to offer, they also make a variety of specialized kitchen tools included in the Global collection that assist in food preparation like fish tools, salad serving sets, and icing spatulas.
Global Knife Sharpening Global Sharpening Tools
Maintain your Global Knife's razor sharp edge! Whether you prefer to use the easy to use MinoSharp draw sharpener, a honing rod, or sharpen your knives the traditional way with a whetstone, we have what you're looking for.