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Authentic Japanese blades (hochoes) hand-forged using traditional Japanese methods of old-world craftsmanship; Minonokuni knives are part of a project designed to preserve and protect the master/apprentice relationship. Even as demand for Japanese knives has grown; the skilled masters are aging, and it has been difficult to keep apprentices. While the methods of construction mastered over the centuries have changed very little, the methods of bringing the pieces to market is dramatically different. The Knife Merchant was asked to assist by bringing knives from various masters in different types of material to market, so that the craftsmen can concentrate on their work and keep the apprentice fully employed, without the burden of stopping production to make sales. Minonokuni is the name of a prefecture (state) that existed in the days of the Samurai. It encompassed a wide area including Seki-City and Sakai, which are the areas of Japan in which our craftsmen are making these blades. This is why we have chosen this as a brand name to represent these knives. You will find the quality to be far superior to comparable material types. When the knife maker has his name on the blade (instead of working for a company), there is greater pride and care taken in little details that make a great difference in final quality. Minonokuni knives are now available in these grades to suit the various needs and price points:

Ume Series Take Edition Knives
Matsu Series Ginsan Series Knives
Sakura Damascus Homurra Western Blades
Sakura Seiyo Homurra Kuro Blades
Minonokuni Sayas, Moribashi, and Stones