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Shun Dual Core is a brand new knife design that was awarded the Blade Show Knife of the Year in 2014. Production has recently been completed and we are proud to introduce what is, in essence, a True Damascus stainless steel blade. We have many offerings of knives in which a VG10 core is clad with layers of softer steel and then etched to intensify the Damascus appearance. But the Dual Core knives actually have no core. (We didn't name it, we just explain it). The two "super steels" VG2 (36 layers) and VG10 (35 layers) are welded together and folded many times to create a beautiful patterning and a blade that is stronger than its counterparts. The octagonal Pakkawood wood handle is resin impregnated and very comfortable for right or left hand grips. There is much discussion about the two steel types wearing at different rates creating micro-serrations that can enhance cutting performance. But the real benefit is in having a showpiece knife, with an ornate herringbone pattern that is created solely from premium quality steel which is going to be much more durable than a clad knife. We appreciate when form meets function as it does with the Shun Dual Core series of knives.
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