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F. Dick was founded in 1778, and after more than 230 years, is still a family owned business. Maximum quality and optimum handling, designed to meet the ergonomic standards of professionals. Friedrich Dick is the leading brand for professionals worldwide. Their sharpening steels are known as the world's finest. We carry many lines of Friedr. Dick knives; Premier Plus, Premier Plus Eurasia, 1905, and Superior. We also have a full selection of F. Dick Steels, and other specialty tools. F. Dick knives are high quality forged knives, made in Germany.

If you don't see a F. Dick item that you're looking for, we can order it, at no additional charge to you.

F. Dick Red Spirit Knives Spirit Knives exude an aura of Eastern elegance despite their traditional German steel and Western form. Designed for uncompromising sharpness and feel, these blades are thin and highly polished. Unlike most German knives these feature an oblong, "wa" style handle that is sleek and surprisingly easy to grip. Available in Pink and Red, F. Dick Spirit Knives perform well and look great.
F. Dick 1905 Series Knives 1905 Series Knives have eye catching coiled metal rings in lieu of traditional rivets. As the name suggests, this design replicates the style of knives that F. Dick produced at the turn of the twentieth century. These handles have substantial heft and are an excellent choice for users that like to feel the weight of a knife in their hand.

F. Dick Premier Plus Knives Premier Plus Knives are forged using top of the line German stainless steel, with a Rockwell Hardness of 56. These are well balanced and ergonomically designed with handles that are perfectly proportioned for optimum hygiene and easy maintenance.
Superior Series Knives Superior Series Knives were designed with the hardworking cook in mind. This is a stamped line, rather than forged, meaning these knives are light weight and affordably priced. Superior knives are made using excellent quality steel and are a great bargain.

Plastic Handled Knives including Ergo-Grip, Pro-Dynamic, Expert Grip, SteriGrip and other miscellany. These are excellent tools for butchers, cooks, hunters, and anyone working with high volumes of proteins.
F. Dick Honing Rods & Sharpening Tools Honing Rods & Sharpening Tools are the best on the market bar none. Once you've experienced the sound and feel of an F. Dick steel you will understand why they've been recognized as the premium name in sharpening for over 200 years.

F. Dick Specialty Tools F. Dick Specialty Tools This category includes a variety of workman's tools ranging in nature. This is the place to find cheese wires, fish tweezers, shears, shuckers, cleavers, backpacks, and many other tools.
F. Dick 1778 Knives 1778 Knives are named in remembrance of the company's founding year, but despite these antiquated roots this line is modern and innovative. The cutting edge is made of high-alloy Double X VG 12 steel and cladded with two layers of stainless steel. The thin blades are remarkably sharp, elegant and durable. These knives leave no question as to why Friedrich Dick knives have been sought after for over 240 years.
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