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Dexter Russell Knives & Cutlery
Dexter-Russell is the largest manufacturer of professional cutlery in the United States. Since their conception in 1818, they have maintained a tradition of excellence in both materials and workmanship. Dexter Russell is the proud successor to the two oldest American cutlery manufacturers: Harrington Cutlery Company and John Russell Cutlery Company.

Dexter Connoisseur knives, NSF, Dexter russell Dexter Connoisseur Knives represent the best that Dexter-Russell has to offer. The connoisseur line features beautiful rosewood handles, and well-balanced, durable blades. Made in the USA, these are premium knives constructed by expert craftsmen with the executive chef in mind.
Dexter Traditional knives, NSF, Dexter russell Dexter Traditional Knives have been trusted and adored for generations. Ideal for the line cook on a budget, the Dexter Traditional series features beautiful rosewood and ash handles with both high-carbon stainless and classic carbon blades.

Dexter Russell Butcher Knives, Cleavers, and Miscellany Dexter Butcher Tools, Cleavers, Misc. includes various Dexter Russell knives, butchering tools, honing rods, etc. Suited for both home users and professionals, all tools in this category are made in the United States with high quality materials and superior craftsmanship.
Dexter Sani Safe knives, NSF, Dexter russell Dexter Sani-Safe Knives were built to be both durable and sanitary. The textured polypropylene handle is slip resistant, easy to clean, and can tolerate both high and low temperatures. Suitable for home and commercial use. NSF Certified.

Dexter Russel Duo Glide Knives Dexter Duo Glide Knives have an ultra-soft, right-sized and textured handle with a high-carbon, corrosion resistant, stainless steel blade. These Duo Glide knives were designed for greater comfort, to make food preparation easier for those with arthritis.
Dexter Russell Vlo Knives Dexter V-Lo Knives have a textured, soft grip handle. These knives are easy to re-sharpen, have great camber, and have a scalloped edge to reduce food from sticking to the blade. NSF certified that meets food service health code standards.

Dexter Russell Clam & Oyster Knives Dexter Clam and Oyster Knives come in a many different shapes and sizes, depending on the task at hand. Choose a short, strong blade with a large handle for beach grown oysters, or a long narrow blade for curly-edged, delicate oysters.
Dexter Russell Knives Dexter Spatulas are those additional tools needed when a knife just can't complete the entire job. If you're working at a hibachi restaurant, or making pancakes at home, a Dexter spatula is a great addition to any culinary collection.

Dexter edge guards, Felt lined guards, NSF, Dexter russell Dexter Blade Guards keep your knives sharp and ready for use. Blade guards also protect knife rolls from unnecessary cuts and wear, by covering your bladesí sharp edges. Dexter Russell edge guards are felt lined, so they wonít scratch your blades.