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Mac Japanese Knives & Cutlery

MAC Knives are manufactured in Japan using a custom high carbon, high molybdenum content, stainless steel alloy. The blend results in a most extraordinary alloy with a 60 degree Rockwell hardness that has good edge retention and is easy to resharpen. Mac knives feature razor sharp edges that are set at 15 degree angles, as opposed to the 20 degree edges preferred by the Germans. This flatter edge of a Mac Knife offers less resistance making the knife quicker and sharper. The late Charlie Trotter endorsed Mac's Professional Knife Series.

Mac Chef Series Knives Mac Chef Knives have thin blades (2.0-2.5 mm) made with molybdenum, and feature a handle that is straight with the spine of the blade. Ideal for any food preparation task, due to their light-weight nature.
Mac Japanese Series Knives Mac Japanese Knives this series features a variety of traditional Japanese shapes including a deba (used for fish), a yanagiba (used for sashimi), and an usuba (used on vegetables).

Mac Original Series Knives Mac Original Knives feature rounded tips for safety, hanging holes near the tip of the blade, and thin, flexible blades (1.5-2.0 mm), making these knives easy to use without your arm or hand getting tired.
Mac Professional Series Knives Mac Professional Knives the most popular series by Mac, made of Molybdenum alloy, features a thin blade (2.0-2.5 mm), and an added bolster on the handle for weight and balance.

Mac Superior Series Knives Mac Superior Knives are similar to the Mac Original Series, but have larger handles, and slightly thicker blades (2.0-3.0 mm). These knives go through an additional subzero treatment for better edge retention.
Mac Ultimate Series Knives Mac Ultimate Knives are subzero treated Molybdenum Alloy knives, that have slightly thicker blades (2.5-3.0 mm) than the Mac Professional Series, and larger bolsters for those like the weight and feel of German cutlery.

Mac Sharpening Tools Ceramic Rods Mac Sharpening Tools including the Mac Roll Sharp, the ceramic wheel draw sharpener recommended by Mac, which is the easiest and fastest way to sharpen your Mac Knives. Ceramic honing rods also available.
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