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This is a listing of the knife sets available to you as a student of San Diego Continuing Education Culinary Arts Program. We only carry knives that are of a quality suitable for work in a Professional kitchen, and as such the basic kit will suffice your needs. We have afforded various options based on the following criteria:

1) The basic set consists of Victorinox stamped knives. These knives are designed for industry professionals, particularly meat and poultry processors. The steel is softer than a forged knife, can be easily sharpened, and to a very keen edge. In the industry, this is considered a five year knife. Meaning that after many sharpening's, the blade becomes small and thick and should be replaced.
2) If you prefer a harder forged knife, you may choose to upgrade only the Chef’s Knife. This is the workhorse of your kit and will be used for the vast majority of your work. You may choose to upgrade to a Mercer Genesis. This is a drop-forged piece of high carbon German stainless steel that has been constructed in Taiwan. It is an excellent knife and should easily last fifteen years. It is harder than a stamped knife, somewhat harder to sharpen but retains the edge much longer.
3) You may choose to upgrade all of your knives to Mercer Genesis.
4) Upgrade all knives to Messermeister Meridian Elite’, a premium German knife. There are several distinct advantages to this brand. The bolster has been modified away from the edge of the blade. This makes for much easier sharpening. The angle of the bevel is set at 17 degrees, as opposed to the traditional 22. Lifetime warranty and free factory re-sharpening from Ojai, CA. So it is close and convenient for us here in San Diego. Best Camber (rocking angle of the blade) of any chef knife.

This area is for culinary students only. You will need a passcode to enter.