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F. Dick 11 Slot Imitation Leather Knife Roll
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Comment: Does what it's supposed to, and looks great. Leather is thick and seems to be good quality, plus is easier to clean than nylon. The big metal "Dick" plate is well, big and offensive, but I kinda like that. Lets my coworkers know just where we stand. I've had some knives wander out of their holders, but I should have just used a smaller pocket (they are various sizes to accommodate different sized handles) and when they did they never came out of the bag. The plastic handle is a little cheesy and looks a bit out of place, but again seems to be of high quality. It's not a $300 bag after all.
Comment: Have been ordering from Knife Merchant for years - Since my son is a chef, I am sure I will continue to purchase from Knife Merchant - thank you for quality products and service!