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Mac Black Ceramic 10 1/2 in. Honing Rod On Sale
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Comment: I don't often give kitchen items to friends as a gift but this one is so great that I felt confident giving it. He loves it!
Comment: I love this rod for it's brutal practicality. No Ivory handles or sterling bits, not particularly nice to look at, but looking at it isn't the point. The big plastic handle feels good and stable in the hand, and the rubber cap at the end will be useful for those who hone with the rod on the board. For others it stays out of the way well enough. The ceramic does indeed hone much faster than a traditional steel rod, and has the added benefit of versatility. This rod is appropriate for the cheap, soft knives from your local big box department store up to the hardest Japanese steel, very convenient for users of both German and Japanese knives like myself. I'm also very impressed with the smooth and ridged sides of the steel, allowing for very aggressive honing or quick touch ups. Not pretty but flat out works like a champ, and never fear the fragile ceramic, it comes with a LIFETIME warranty. $10 and MAC will send you a brand new one.
Comment: Mostly happy, but what is up with this stopper on the end. I thought the larger ceramic didn't have that.
KM Response: It's a rubber tip designed to keep the steel from sliding around if you place it tip down on a table for honing. It can be removed if you prefer to utilize the full length of the honing rod/
Comment: This is the only way to keep Mac knives sharp!
Comment: if you are going to spend good money on knives you should take care of them and this is a great tool to do just that.
Comment: Terrific, works wonders for touching up my Mac chefs kife. This new version is much better as it doesn't have the raised 'stopper' at the end. A quality product.