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Glestain Home Series 9.8 in. (250mm) Meat Slicer
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Comment: Wow! Been looking for something that wouldn't tear-up meat cooked on the new wood pellet grill . . . we have several well known brands of slicing and chef's knives, but they all damaged the slow-cooked, super-tender meats that the new grill produced. Heard about the Glestain from a professional chef that uses it in her restaurant. Have tried it on ribs, turkey, and tenderloin so far, and it is amazing. Went thru the ribs like warm butter with no catching or tearing . . . sliced the tenderloin paper thin (just for fun) and perfectly equal 18" slices . . . and the turkey looked like it was cut for a magazine spread. Highly recommended . . . expensive and worth every cent.