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Mercer Tools 6 in. Hell's Handle Fish Spatula
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Comment: Me buying this twice should be enough props for this tool. But the Reason I am buying it again is that two of my line cooks were fighting over who would get to use it that evening. In the course of their aggresions the spatula took an unfortunate spill. Suffice to say they immediately begin to bicker over whose fault it was and who would be responsible for the replacement of my personal spatula. So here is my review for my twice-purchased-by-me Hell's handle fish spatula. It is absolutely brilliant on the flat top. It peels and flips fried eggs, patties of any variety and of course fish from pans or any surface really. I wouldn't recommend it for use on an open grill as the gaps in most grates are generally too large to allow for the proper use of the edge of that spatula. The real awesome part of this is the handle. I generally lead towards wood handles tools and knives but I have burned my hand way too many times grabbing a tool off the grill without thinking. This handle WILL NOT GET HOT. It is awesome