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Kikuichi Warikomi Gold 8.25 in. Sujihiki
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Comment: Not perfectly Sharp un the box.
Comment: Great knife but not suitable for beginners. Very nice handle, good fit and finish, good steel and it gets very sharp. It stays sharp very long. The factory edge was quite dull. It was not possible to cut a tomato probably with the knife out of the box. But after proper sharpening it is as razor sharp as my Konosuke and my other high quality knives. The tip of the knife is very fine like a needle. So handle the knife with care and do not let beginners use it. The knife is not suitable for rocking and chopping. Scooping ingredients works better with taller blades. If you like cutting with draw cuts and to slice raw fish and meat this one of best knives.
Comment: After seeing some reviews online, I kinda knew what to expect. The knife is beautiful and ultra sharp out of the box. Thin slices of any veggie is child's play. You have to be careful though because the point of the knife bends easily. So a drop on the floor or piercing something tough can cause damage to the knife. Anyway, a welcome addition to my cutlery.
Comment: This is an extraordinary knife. I watched a YouTube video on its use by a sushi chef, and i was convinced that this was a knife I desired. I've used it twice since my purchase, and it cuts meat or sushi grade tuna with ease and precision.