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Paderno 10 1/4 in. Black Steel Frying Pan
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Comment: It was not clear from the online catalog that the black and the polished pans were fundamentally the same with one important difference: the polished pans are apparently made from thicker stock. I learned this from the care instructions that came with the pan. If I had realized this, I would have bought the thicker pan. However, it is a good pan, although with a steep learning curve due to its thinness. I expect to learn how to use the thinness rather than struggle with it. We seared a steak in it, and it worked beautifully. When I ordered the pan I also requested your catalog, but I haven't received it. I am a long standing Knife Merchant customer and have been completely satisfied with my purchases up to now. I do miss the personal touch when you could call the original knife merchant on the phone, and he'd give you good advice. I bought a fair amount of stuff through talking with him.