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Kikuichi Warikomi Gold 9.4 in. (240mm) Gyuto
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Comment: I am a chef for a restaurant in Irvine called Zmario. I have been a chef for 14 years and was a chef in Japanese restaurants in Oregon for many years. I use Kikuichi knives exclusively, I have owned aoki grade yanagi, deba and usuba by Kikuichi for about ten years and they are as excellent now as the day I bought them. When I worked for a business associate in Itabashi ku Tokyo in a ramen restaurant my sous chef owned a very nice gytou style knife and I loved it but did not buy one assuming I could just purchase it when I returned to Oregon but an authentic, quality gyutou (especially Kikuichi) is almost impossible to acquire here in the states. It is not even available for purchase on! I was so happy when I found it here at Knife Merchant and purchased immediately, I recieved it and have used it daily at work and at home every single day. It has become my favorite knife for nearly every task, it has hard core steel so it can be used for heavy duty tasks but the edge is slightly softer so it is quick and easy to sharpen and since i use this knife daily for 14 hours this combination of steel and nice design get a A+!