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Mac Superior 6.7 in. (170mm) Santoku
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Number of Ratings: 6

Comment: Lightweight , very fine edge but chips too easily. RainbOWS for produce but too fragile for slicing cooked poultry.
Comment: Very good knife. But needs to be sharpened before using it for the first time. That seems somewhat surprising and not specified when I bought it.
Comment: The Santoku has quickly become my favourite knife. I find I use a different cutting style with it (more up and down than rocking) and that took me a little while to get used to, but now that i have i enjoy using this knife more than any other. The depth of the blade keeps knuckles off the board, the edge stays sharp for longer and the thinness of the knife means that it shears through food without effort. I fear that I am going to spend a lot of money collecting more from this brand.
Comment: Great knife...I am a sous-chef in a busy kitchen, and i am of the belief that one doesn't need all the fancy, high dollar tools to create fine food. I look for solid products at a decent price, and this knife encompasses that. I use it for everything, including butchering. I sharpen it every couple weeks on a ceramic stone (due to much use) and it never loses its edge. Don't leave it wet when putting away, as I have experienced some slight discoloration on the lower part of the blade, where it is textured. I highly recommend this knife.
Comment: Great service - many thanks!
Comment: great balance, great price,sharp.