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Masahiro Traditional Carbon 12 in. (300mm) Takobiki
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Comment: An excellent beginners sashimi knife, comes coated to protect the steel, cleaned with acetone easily. Don't forget to oil the blade.
Comment: I bought this knife to be my "knock-around" salmon knife; an easily replaceable knife to take to work for bi-weekly salmon prep. I favor this over the Masahiro yanagiba (also a very good knife)I formerly used for the same purpose. I find it a good, basic blade. Kigami steel is certainly not shirogami, which is why I don't give an excellent rating. I highly recommend Masahiro carbon to folks looking for an entry-level Japanese knife. My very first carbon knife was the 240 Masahiro virgin carbon gyuto. Their MBS-26 steel is very forgiving to one learning how to care for carbon blades. I also highly recommend KnifeMerchant: excellent product selection, and exquisite customer service. Anthony, Lancaster, PA
Comment: Very well made Japanese style sashimi knife with a blunt tip. Less dangerous than Osaka style sashimi knives. Wavy hamon is a sign of a hand hammered folded steerl knife edge and very unusual feature in this price range. I oiled the handle for better wet protection but Japanese chefs prefer the wood to be open and rough for better wet grip. They do replace the handen handles frequently when used daily for work.