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Masahiro Traditional Carbon 12 in. (300mm) Yanagi
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Comment: Masahiro Bessen series, 300mm, Yellow Paper steel. Traditional appearance with minimal adornment; basic "D" shaped Ho wood handle w/plastic ferrule that fits tightly. Blade is also fits tightly, & I was a bit surprised at how weighty it feels in hand. Blade has very little flex, and out of the box, finish on the beveled side was nice, while on the Uraoshi side, sharpening revealed slight unevenness in the concave grinding towards the handle side, but this doesn't seem to affect the ability to obtain a fine edge. I can easily get this blade much sharper than the Suisin Inox that I was using before. Initially, rust formed pretty easily during use, but as patina develops, it becomes much less of an issue. As a professional Sushi chef, this knife fulfills all of my slicing needs with ease. It is a great workhorse, not flashy or extravagantly adorned & finished, but I enjoy using it, do not mind letting co-workers use it, and I don't feel overly nervous about carrying it between work and home. If there's a Yanagi with better performance/price, I haven't found it. I plan on purchasing the Usuba from the Bessen series soon. Highly recommended for entry to mid level Sushi chefs, as one's first carbon Yanagi, or for anyone seeking a solid, no-frills performer without breaking your bank account.
Comment: WOW I love this bad boy!