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Shun Knife Care Kit

List Price: $31.00

Our Price: $24.95

This kit is for carbon steel knives, although it does work on stainless if you've got some tarnish that you want to buff out. Instead of a rust eraser, use the talc ball to remove oil from your knife. Start with the finest grit polishing stick to remove rust and unwanted discoloration. If insufficient, move to a coarser grit. When the finish is renewed, complete the process by reapplying a thin layer of tsubaki oil (included in the kit).
This is the same process, with the talc, buffers and oil that is utilized on antique samurai swords. We really like this smaller version and it works very well. It's also fun to use the traditional Japanese techniques for maintenance of carbon knives.

The Shun Knife Care Kit Includes:
- 3 Polishing cloths; use two for polishing, one for applying oil
- 5 Polishing sticks in 3 different grits for cleaning and polishing: grey (fine); red (medium); white (coarse)
- Bottle food-grade oil (2 oz.); protects blade surface once cleaned
- Talc ball; the powder is very mildly abrasive and is used to clean the blade
- Bamboo storage box
- Instruction booklet

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