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D8 1063 00

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F Dick Premier Plus 12 Piece Roll Bag Set

List Price: $699.00

Our Price: $447.95

The Premier Plus 12 Piece Set is an excellent choice for a professional chef or culinary student. While many sets include odd pieces that are rarely used, this is a very well thought out collection. You can do a lot of nice decorating work with a parer, tourne knife and melon baller. You have the filet knife for breaking down whole fish or skinning and portioning filets. The fork and small spatula for plating and carving. Excellent bread knife and steel. Plus, a good old fashioned, heavy duty leather knife roll with lock and key. We highly recommend this set which includes:

- Parisian Scoop
- 3 in. Bird's Beak Peeler
- 3.5 in. Paring Knife
- 5 in. Offset Spatula
- 6 in. Boning Knife
- 7 in. Meat Fork
- 7 in. Flexible Fillet Knife
- 8.5 in. Chef's Knife
- 8.5 in. Slicer
- 10 in. Sharpening Steel
- 10 in. Bread Knife
- Leather Roll Bag (29 1/4 in. x 18 3/4 in.)

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