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Master Grade Commercial Electric Knife Sharpener

List Price: $433.28

Our Price: $359.95

Of all the electric sharpeners on the market, this comes closest to mimicking a professional machine without having to spend a few thousand dollars. It utilizes industrial grade sandpaper wheels with a soft foam backing that are good for over a thousand sharpenings. With these wheels, if you use light pressure the belts tend to follow the original bevel set by the manufacturer. If you prefer to change the bevel, just use a little force, and the wheels will grind to the angle at which you are holding the knife. This is a powerful motor that won't get hot after sharpening 6 or 7 knives. The machine doesn't remove any more metal than is necessary. The only negative comment that I have about this machine is that it's a bit loud. They are currently in use in many restaurants, butcher shops, and the British Navy has them mounted on the galley wall of many of their warships.
- Works on most types of knives including serrated
- Able to create knife angles from 6 to 32.
- Comes with narrow slotted top for knives, and a large slotted top for cleavers
- Coarse, medium and fine sanding wheels are included
- No water or oil, no mess during sharpening
- UL commercial and NSF certifications
- Size L x W x H : 13 x 4.9 x 4.5 in.

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