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Wusthof Classic 3 pc Knife Set On Sale

List Price: $325.00

Our Price: $285.00

The Wusthof Classic 3 Piece Cook's Set includes the 3 most essential pieces for a professional or home cook. The cooks knife is your work-horse designed to take on the bulk of your prep work. The utility knife is designed for precision cuts and those requiring a more narrow blade. This is the knife you would use to hollow out a pepper, de-vein shrimp, or flute a mushroom. It's also the knife you're likely to grab when slicing charcuterie or preparing a quick lunch. The paring knife is used for peeling, trimming, and any work done in-hand and off the cutting board. With these indispensable blades on hand you can make quick work of any meal.

Set includes:
- 8 in. Cooks Knife
- 6 in. Utility Knife
- 3 1/2 in. Paring Knife

Availability: In Stock

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