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Bob Kramer Complete Sharpening Kit On Sale

List Price: $500.00

Our Price: $319.99

The Bob Kramer Complete Sharpening Kit was designed to provide you everything you need to sharpen your knife. The big advantages to this system are these: High quality (Chosera Brand) ceramic stones bonded to a glass plate make for true flat surfaces. These stones are not nearly as bulky or as messy as other stone types; easy to use, transport and store. Additional items are available. If you want a crazy degree of polish, a leather stropping block and 10,000 grit stone may be added. But this set, with a well done instructional DVD by the master himself will sharpen any knife.

This set includes:
  • Glass Stone (400 grit): For repairing or reshaping the edge
  • Glass Stone (1000 grit): For refining the edge
  • Glass Stone (5000 grit): For extra fine finishing and plishing
  • Adjustable Bamboo Sink Bridge: To hold your stone in place while you work
  • Cleaning Stone: To dress the waterstones before/after each sharpening
  • Instructional DVD: Directions on how to sharpen from Bob Kramer himself
  • Product Temporarily Unavailable

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