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Shun Kanso 5 pc Starter Block Set On Sale

List Price: $488.00

Our Price: $329.95

The Shun Kanso 5 pc Starter Set includes the tools most essential to every kitchen: a quality chef's, paring and utility knife, honing steel, and storage block.

What's included:
  • the Shun Kanso 8-in. Chef's Knife:the go to knife you're sure to use every time you cook
  • the Shun Kanso 3.5-in. Paring Knife: ideal for trimming, peeling, and cutting in hand
  • the Shun Kanso 6-in. Utility Knife: sized to give you maximum control and added dexterity
  • the Kanso Combination Honing Steel: features both regular and fine cuts for easy maintenance between sharpenings
  • the Slimline Bamboo Block: designed to take up minimal space on your countertop while keeping all your important knives within easy reach
  • Availability: In Stock

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