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Thank you for visiting our website. I am Chef David Holly and, together with my daughter Meghan, I operate Knife Merchant, a family run business out of San Diego, California.  Highly touted for our customer service, we like to provide personalized attention to each and every order. Our unique placement in the market allows for us to process high volume accounts and receive the best possible pricing, while maintaining the personalized service that you should expect when working with a small business. We enjoy building relationships with our customers and strive to make ourselves available to answer questions, lend expertise, and address your needs; whatever they may be.

Founded by my colleague and mentor Chef John Borg, Knife Merchant began when many of the local chefs, including myself, enlisted his assistance in acquiring quality and hard to find knives.  As the business grew, Chef Borg turned from restaurant operations to doing this as a full time venture and eventually enlisted me as his successor. From these humble beginnings, we now offer a full line of cookware, cutlery, pastry tools, appliances and more. If you donít see what you are looking for, please give us a call.

Whether you are a professional, a gourmet, or just making meals for the family, we are here to service your needs. It is our intention to present you with a nice selection of products to help you succeed and really find enjoyment in the art of cooking.  The right tools really help to make cooking fun.  We do not choose our products based on whether or not they will sell, but based on our belief that these are the right tools for the job and that you will be pleased with your purchase.

You should know that there are specific advantages to purchasing from a catalog/internet retailer. Rather than purchase a 7 piece cookware set assembled by the manufacturer to accommodate a specific price point, we are able to customize a set that meets your individual needs.  This is particularly true with knife sets.  Rather than purchase an 11 piece block set that contains 2 knives that you never use, let us assist you in putting a set together that contains only the items that you want and need.  In many cases, it may be best for you to mix together products from different manufacturers.  We can do this for you whereas a traditional store simply cannot.

Please feel free to contact us and take advantage of our years of cooking experience.  We can help to select the items that suit both your needs and your budget. I have personally used most every item in our inventory and can provide an educated opinion on their usage. This is a service that we like to offer and I hope that youíll take advantage of it.

Chef David Holly