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Fagor Duo, Splendid, Chef, and Futuro Pressure Cookers Fagor, founded in 1954, is the leading pressure cooker brand in the United States for good reason. If you are seeking to put a nutritious, healthy homemade meal on the table in a short period of time, then a Fagor Pressure Cooker is for you. With recommendations from Cooking Club of America and America's Test Kitchen, these European made Pressure Cookers and Pressure Canners offer a lot of features at a great price. Fagor Pressure Cookers work on any stove top, including induction. Top quality Stainless Steel construction, triple valve safety systems, easy to use and easy to clean. Knife Merchant offers all Fagor Pressure Cookers at the lowest price with free shipping. All orders made before 3pm PST, ship out the same day.

Fagor Cayenne Pressure Cooker Fagor Cayenne Pressure Cookers
Fagor's newest line, features an easy automatic pressure release setting that helps you to release pressure from the unit easier.
Cayenne Pressure cookers have 2 pressure settings, 15 psi (high) and 8 psi (low).
Features a 10 inch diameter base for better browning and searing.
Made in Spain and crafted from Stainless Steel.
Fagor Duo Pressure Cooker Fagor Duo Pressure Cookers
Duo Pressure Cookers have a spring-type mechanism with two pressure settings (Low/8psi and High/15psi).
Egronomic handles designed to make opening and closing your Duo pressure cooker easier.
Includes a stainless steel steamer and support trivet, instruction manual and recipe book.
Made in China.

Fagor Futuro Pressure Cooker Fagor Futuro Pressure Cookers
Futuro Pressure Cookers have a spring-type mechanism with two pressure settings (Low 8psi and High/15psi) that is automatic and self locking.
Designed with shorter handles, making storage easy.
Includes stainless steel steamer/food grater, support trivet, detailed instruction manual, and "tastefully under pressure" cookbook.
Made in Spain.
Fagor Chef Pressure Cooker Fagor Chef Pressure Cookers
Pressure Indicator with distinct low pressure (8 psi) and high pressure (15 psi).
Has a built in timer that is magnetic and removable.
Max line indicator inside, so the pressure cooker isn't filled more than 2/3 full, insuring that the pressure cooker works properly.
Comes with a trivet, steamer basket, glass lid so the pressure cooker can also be used as a stock pot, and an instructional DVD.
Made in Spain.

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