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As a Professional Chef, there are a handful of tools that I consider to be necessities, and I like to have these stored very close to the cooking range for immediate access. These tools are relatively inexpensive and can turn a frustrating cooking experience into a pleasant one. So make sure you’ve got these essentials covered.

High Heat Rubber Spatula: Sometimes called a rubber scraper, these are excellent for scraping bowls clean, making an omelet, smoothing compound butters into a cream sauce and folding ingredients together.

Kitchen Tongs: These come in a few different styles: locking or non-locking, silicone tipped or metal tipped and coil/clip springs. Coil springs last longer than clips, and silicone tips are for non-stick pans.

Nylon / Wooden Spoons: Easy on your cookware when scraping the bottom and strong enough to handle stiff batters and compotes. Wooden spoons should be oiled and hand-washed, whereas nylon are not quite as strong, but are dishwasher safe and low maintenance.

Wire Whip / Whisk: A whip should be well-sealed where the tines attach to the handle, and of good quality stainless steel for rust resistance. Fine wire whips are thin and best for basic sauce work, as well as whipping cream and egg whites. Piano wire is thicker and used for heavy stirring like a blue cheese dressing.

Fish Spatula: Find a handle design that easily reaches over the edge of a pan to flip your eggs, fish or pancakes. The slotted design works well for draining oil, and it should be strong enough to lift a heavy bone-in steak.

Kitchen Thermometer: Proper temperature is extremely important for food safety and consistent results. It should read fast and accurately. Cooper Atkins is the best.