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Ed. Wusthof Dreizackwerk of Solingen, Germany began making Trident knives in 1814. Today they are the leading manufacturer of hot-drop forged knives in Solingen, Germany. The basic ingredients are a two-ton forging hammer, precision skills, and a red-hot single blank of high carbon stainless steel (surgical steel, 0.5% carbon, 15% chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium). Wusthof's excellent blade, combined with the smooth fit of the handle, makes a wonderful high quality knife that will last a lifetime; they guarantee it!

Wusthof Limited Edition Damascus knife
Wusthof True Damascus Knife - $1999.95
To showcase Wusthof's expertise as knife craftsmen, they have created this unique and beautiful example of true hammered and forged Damascus steel.
Wusthof special knife, limited edition knife set, Wusthof Carbon knives
Wusthof 200th Anniversary 2 Piece Knife Set - $200.00
To celebrate 200 years of making premium German cutlery, Wusthof
has made this limited edition 2 piece knife set.

Wusthof Classic, Classic Knife, Wusthof Classic knives
Wusthof Classic Knives
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Wusthof, Wusthof storage, knife block
Wusthof Blocks and Accessories
Wusthof, Wusthof storage, knife block
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