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A Forged knife is only as good as the steel and the workmanship that goes into its creation. Fine steel requires the proper combination of carbon, silicon, sulfur, chromium, and carbon tool steel. The alloys are properly proportioned to achieve the long-lasting, easy-to-restore edge Messermeister has become famous for. The finishing work, such as the double tapering and fitting of handles, is done entirely by hand. Their finished products are among the world's finest quality professional knives.

Messermeister knives are guaranteed to be the sharpest forged knife available. They offer the following qualities: A 15 degree re-sharpening angle, instead of the traditional German 20 degree, a mirror-polished edge gently tapered up the blade, and Krupp 41/16 High Carbon/Molybdenum/Vanadium steel alloy.

Messermeister offers a Lifetime Guarantee against any manufacturer defects. This guarantee does not cover any damage from normal wear and tear or misuse of the products.

Messermeister German Meridian Elite Knives & Cutlery Messermeister Meridian Elite Knives are a line of fully forged knives, that feature a full tang, with a riveted handle. These Messermeister knives have a unique hand polished edge and spine, for comfort and design.

Messermeister German Oliva Knives & Cutlery Messermeister Oliva Elite Knives are a line of fully forged knives with an Italian Olive wood handle, that provides an ergonomic grip. Oliva Knives have the same hand polished edge and spine as the Meridian and San Moritz Elite
Messermeister German Four Seasons Knives Messermeister Four Seasons Knives are stamped, high carbon stainless steel and attached to Santoprene handles that provide a comfortable non-slip grip. These knives are light-weight compared to forged knives.

Messermeister Knife Sets help you save on Messermeister knives when building your collection. Whether youre adding to your own kitchen, or purchasing a gift for someone, a Messermeister Knife Set is the way to go.
Messermeister Knife Bags, Knife Luggage Messermeister Knife Blocks & Storage are used in both educational and professional environments. With a large selection, Messermeister knife blocks & bags makes storing your cutlery and tools simple.

Messermeister knives and cutlery Messermeister Specialty Tools include a variety of different and useful kitchen tools, including garnishing tools, fish tools, sharpening stones and steels, locking tongs, and waiters bow corkscrews.
Messermeister edge guards Messermeister Edge Guards are a necessity when traveling with kitchen knives, as they protect your knife and your knifes edge when stored in a knife bag or even your kitchen drawer. Made of black PVC.