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Shun Blue Steel 10 in. (250mm) Kiritsuke
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Comment: I'm a Sous Chef and I'm still trying to work this into my daily workload. As big as it is, it still feels lighter than what I'm used to for the big heavy jobs, but for detail work, it's the best I have. Great knife, I just think I'm still really used to my old ones. That said, I'll keep my old beaters for the heavy stuff, and gladly pull this out for the show work.
Comment: beautiful
Comment: Knife is even sharper than the Shun Fuji, Elite, Classic, Premier and Shun Bob Kramer knives I already owned before purchasing this knife. I replaced my Shun Premier slicing knife since it was such a uni-tasker and I found I was rarely using it. This Kiritsuke now acts as my slicer (it is slightly longer than the Premier slicer) and I can multitask with it as well due to the better knuckle clearance from handle to cutting board. Also, butterflying meats has never been easier. I live in AZ with hard water (high mineral content) so keeping the shiny stainless steel blade spot free is nearly impossible but it does not affect performance. The quarter inch or so of carbon steel that is exposed along the edge is developing a patina nicely. Knife Merchant upgraded my shipping speed for free so the knife arrived sooner than expected. While this was a nice gesture, I would have been perturbed if I had paid for express shipping initially and then found out other people had gotten upgraded for free.
KM Response: We appreciate that very much. We reduce shipping costs whenever we can and in those instances we pass savings back to the customers. When we are able and can invest into more sophisticated software, this will be done automatically. But for now, we just handle it manually. You live very near to us, so no upgrades were necessary.
Comment: Great product, good service.