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Super Benriner Mandoline
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Comment: I have had the original Benriner for so many years that I cannot exactly remember when or where I got it. It has given me much excellent service and I have resharpened the cutting blade a number of times, but the frame finally developed a stress fatigue crack and I had to order a replacement. The newer large "Super" Benriner came and I was excited. That is, until I used it. The cutters are not nearly as sharp and the double screw height adjustment is clumsy and hard to make uniform. I am not impressed. It has caused me to rededicated myself to my knife skills. which is a benefit of sorts. Don't bother.
Comment: Excellent product and excellent company!
Comment: It's a Benriner but bigger, solid, inexpensive and gets the job done. Buy a cut resistant glove and use caution if you like your fingertips.