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LamsonSharp Fire Acrylic 7 in. Santoku Closeout Sale
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Comment: This is a high quality knife. The Lamson came sharp out of the box but after maybe two weeks of regular home use it needed re-sharpening. I used the Razor's Edge system to put a new edge on it and this edge has lasted for about a month of daily home use. At first this knife felt somewhat heavy in my hand and took a little getting used to. After a few weeks of regular use I now love the feel of this knife and the shape of its blade. You can do delicate slicing work and more aggressive chopping with the same knife. Compared to some of my traditional chef's knives, this Lamson feels better in the hand, stays sharper longer and has enough room under the bolster for my fingers. The design of the blade gives you good control over its whole length; you can chop harder vegetables near the bolster and cut thin slices from soft fruits at the tip without having to adjust your grip. Overall, this is a high quality functional knife that is a pleasure to use. It is now my primary knife in the kitchen. I actually got rid of a couple "lesser" knives because they became superfluous. I'm very pleased with this Lamson and strongly recommend it. The fire red handle is really cool too and jazzes up the kitchen with a spot of color!