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Forschner Rosewood 12 in. Scimitar
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Comment: You sent me a victorinox. I realized they are under the same company but forschner has far superior steel.
KM Response: There is actually no such thing as a "Forschner" that is independent of Victorinox. This is the name of the man that was the US Distributor after WWII and they stamped his name on the knife. The manufacturer is simply putting their own name on the knife since Mr. Forschner passed away several decades ago, but he never made knives. They were always Victorinox and there is no change to the steel.
Comment: Well balanced and comfortable. Very good for large cuts of meat such as whole beef rounds and beef chucks.
Comment: We are using the knives for cutting serving sized portions of beef and poultry. Full cuts of rib eye/New York steaks, and whole chickens are easily cut into serving sized pieces for packaging and freezing. The knives retain an excellent cutting edge after splitting chickens. We anticipate reducing our meat costs by up to 20% through bulk purchases.